We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Company and we started with a simple idea – you should feel good about the coffee you drink. We aren't coffee snobs, just regular people who noticed how much better small batch roasted coffee tasted. We don't keep hundreds of pounds of coffee stored in a warehouse for months or send our coffee back and forth across the country before it gets to you. Our coffees are roasted fresh daily because that is how we would want it too. We carefully source our coffee directly from small farms for a fair price and encourage farming practices that are also fair to the land. We work with the local communities where our coffee is grown on infrastructure projects and are dedicated to improving quality of life in these villages. We are proud of the coffee we sell and want everyone else whose work goes into it to feel that same pride, from the farmer to our customers. You can be sure that the quality of our coffee will always be consistently high. We feel good about our coffee and hope that you do too.

Single Source  

Our coffee comes from one farm, and is never blended to hide poor quality beans

High Quality

Our coffee is sourced direct from the farm to ensure the highest quality possible.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

At any time, for any reason, you can cancel your subscription.

Fresh Roasted

Most coffees spend months in a warehouse after being roasted before making it to your supermarket. Our coffee is roasted to order, so it is always fresh.



 Increased Quality Of Life For Our Farmers

Because we go direct to the farmer, we are able to pay higher wages, helping to increase the quality of life for the farmer and the villages.

Enjoy the Convenience

Once you've subscribed, sit back, relax, and enjoy world class coffee sent right to your door.  


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